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National Tour Final 2022: Barebow

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

The second day of The National Tour Final for 2022 has named the first ever Barebow champions.

Barebow Women

The first match to open the day’s shooting was the gold final between Barebow women Helen Brown and Kim Doherty. For end one and end two, Helen shot two consecutive 23s to Kim’s consecutive 22s to take the match to 4-0. They then tied the third end on 21s, bringing the set points to 5-1. Kim then shot a 22 to Helen’s 21 to bring back two set points. In the final end, a tie on 23 apiece was enough for Helen to take the match to 6-4, naming her the first Barebow Womens Champion of The National Tour Final.

Barebow Men

Onto the Barebow men’s gold final, we saw Ralph Barwise shoot against Wilco van Kleef Bolton. Wilco took the first set win with 25 points to Ralph’s 17. The second end was very close, Ralph shot a 24 which wasn’t quite enough to take the set from Wilco’s 25. In the third end, a 27 from Wilco against Ralph’s 16 was all he needed to take the win with straight sets 6-0. Wilco is the first National Tour Final Barebow Mens Champion.

Barebow in National Tour Final 2023

In next years edition of the National Tour Final, there will be double the amount of Barebow entrances with 4 Barebow men and 4 Barebow women, which will result in a gold medal match and bronze medal match for both categories.

To watch the 2023 Barebow Finals live at the National Tour Final, click here to purchase tickets.


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